Friday, September 26, 2014

AngularJS discussion groups and mailing lists

Below is the list of discussion groups on AngularJS which I'm following. I'll keep updating it.

AngularJS (Google+ community):


(I haven't found it of any use so far...will update. mailing-lists' review is so vauge)

Best IDE for AngularJS

Below are the good IDEs for AngularJS
  1. Webstorm (Best IMO, it has inbuilt support for AngularJS)
  2. Sublime Text 3 (With the help of a few modules it will support AngularJS nicely, I was using it before for Perl development but for Angular I shifted to Webstorm and never came back)
  3. Atom (I never used it)
  4. Brackets (I never used it)
Edit: Brain Boyd just informed that Webstorm is now free for students, that's another reason to go for Webstorm :D

Tutorials to refer to learn AngularJS

Below are the tutorials which I'm following to learn AngularJS. I'll keep updating the list with whatever tutorial I follow (in sequential order)

1. Code School - Shaping up with AngularJS

Description: Very nice tutorial to start with AngularJS. It skips a lot of parts though but if you are a newbie in Angular you should start with this one.


Description: After finishing codeschool's course refer egghead, very short and to the point videos, learn the topics faster without wasting time. I used my tablet to watch these videos whenever I was feeling bored. There are paid videos also, which I didn't watch but you can try them.

3. To-Do app in AngularJS

Description: Nice video to sum up everything you learned so far with a small to-do app (only 12 minutes video)

4. ng-book (and the video which comes with it)

Description: Well I have just started reading this book, only 10 pages so far so can't review it much, but it looks like a very nice book. Some people said that this book is same as the documentation and it is very lengthy etc. I'd say if you are a student or have free time to read a 600 pages' book then go for it, books take you deeper in topic, but if you are a working professional and have to start working on AngularJS ASAP then you can skip it, just watch the 3 hours video which comes with it, that'd be enough for you. You'll learn other not-so-important topics in future while working on the project.

will add more later...................

Purpose of this blog

Just came across AngularJS and I'm really liking it. It has been just a week though. I'm starting this blog to:

  1. Share what I'm learning in AngularJS
  2. To remember what I just learned (writing what you've learned helps you understand things better)
  3. To help anyone who's new to Angular
  4. Improve my vocabulary (I'm a non-native English speaker)